NFFO elects next chairman
Andrew Locker is the NFFO’s chairman-elect and steps up to take Andrew Pascoe’s place in 2020. Image: NFFO

NFFO elects next chairman

Andrew Locker, skipper and member of the well-known Locker fishing family from Whitby, will take over from Cornish skipper Andrew Pascoe after the Federation’s AGM in 2020. In the meantime, as Chairman-elect, will be involved in all of the NFFO’s top-level activities.
Andrew currently runs the shore-based side of family firm Locker Trawlers, and is heavily involved in training and quota management, through his role as Chairman of the East of England Fish Producers Organisation.
‘I feel honoured to have been elected to this vitally important role, at this crucial time in our industry’s history. I will use all of my abilities to repay the confidence that has been invested in me. The NFFO’s membership is broad and diverse, reflecting the industry that it serves, and I personally feel that it is important that every part of it has an opportunity to shape its future,’ Andrew Locker said.
‘I am extremely fortunate to be following in the footsteps of experienced hands such as Tony Delahunty and Andrew Pascoe, and I have a year as Chairman-elect, before I step up to the hot seat. I know, professionally, how important training and experience is, and so I will be using this period well.’
‘We are fortunate to have a pool of leadership talent within the Federation to draw on,’ said NFFO Chief Executive Barrie Deas.
‘Andrew will make an excellent Chairman, when the time comes. Nothing is more important in the current circumstances, than having wise counsel and guidance at the top of the NFFO in its dealings with government.’