Le Drezen enters Pacific tuna fisheries

A first order from a US company is a testament to the expertise of Le Drezen, the Brittany-based purse seine specialist.

Le Drezen for some time has been making itself known to tuna vessel owners operating in the Pacific, based mainly in The United States, Ecuador and Mexico, and the first order for a Pacific tuna seiner has come this summer from US company Trimarine, which operates a fleet of fifteen tuna purse seiners.

The order for a purse seine for Trimarine’s Cape May is the result of Le Drezen’s long experience and extensive investment in research and development to produce purse seine gear that combines high performance with an extended working lifetime. Le Drezen’s tuna gear has a reputation for lasting and having low annual maintenance requirements.

According to the company, the cost-effectiveness of Le Drezen’s gear, linked to its 50% longer working lifetime than competing products can achieve, swayed Trimarine’s management towards opting for a Le Drezen purse seine.

‘The shortage of such technologically gear with proven reliability and high technological level that are part of the ‘Made in France’ brand, coupled with the strong competition from Asian producers made this a real challenge for Le Drezen,’ general manager Max Dufour said.

‘After a difficult period due initially to low tuna prices and then due to low catch volumes, this order reflects a new optimism as tuna operators see the advantages of fitting out their vessels with more efficient purse seines that have lower costs due to reduced damage, which contributes to streamlining operating costs. Above all, it is the technical quality of our fishing gear and the work of our technical and R&D teams that has been rewarded here.’

WorldFishingToday - 06-09-2016

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