20 years with the Bacalao trawl

This year, one of the most succesful trawls in the history of trawl making has its 20 year anniversary.

The development of the Bacalao trawl started in 1990 by Vónin's co-founder Mr. Otto Dam who retired a few years ago. Being a net maker of the highest caliber, Otto is known for his thoroughness, dedication and pride for his craft, which has been carried on through the generations of Vónin's staff and today is one of Vónin's trademarks.

The Bacalao trawl is a very versatile trawl with good bottom contact. Due to its unique design it suffers very little damage and the tear & wear is kept at an absolute minimum. Therefore, very little maintenance is required. With a Bacalao trawl, practically any groundfish species can be caught.

The trawls have been produced in a variety of sizes ranging from 270 meshes in 160mm and all the way up to a massive 1078 meshes in 160mm. The Bacalao trawl is being used by a wide range of vessels from the the small inshore trawlers to the pair trawlers and all the way up to the large factory trawlers.

The Bacalao trawl has returned some extraordinary results on many of the worlds' fishing grounds e.g. in the Barents Sea, where the factory trawlers have been using it for Cod, Haddock, Saithe and Flatfish.
The Bacalao 440# and the 630# have been used with both single and double rig, but the big 720# is only used as a single trawl.

WorldFishingToday - 23-12-2010

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