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Crabber series for Murmansk company

Norwegian naval architect Skipsteknisk has contracted to develop a series of crab catchers for one of the largest Russian companies specialising in this fishery, with quotas for king crab and snow crab.

The first of the series of specialised crabbers is under construction at the Tersan yard in Turkey for the Murmansk-based JSC ArcticService. This is Skipsteknisk’s ST-84AS design, with a 62 metre overall length, a beam of 15 metres and accommodation for a crew of 38.

Skipsteknisk’s design team have been working with ArcticService on this project for some time to come up with a suitable vessel configuration. These vessels will have the capacity to deploy and retrieve crab gear of various types and sizes in depths of water from 20 to 400 metres, operating in the Barents Sea.

Bj√łrdal Industrier in Norway will supply the full factory deck designed handle, cook and freeze crab on board, and other Norwegian suppliers are reported to be involved in the contract for the series of crabbers.

WorldFishingToday - 24-01-2018

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