Bara Breizh launched

The twelfth trawler in the Armament Bigouden fleet has been launched at the Chantiers Gléhen shipyard. This is the latest chapter in a 30-year relationship between the Le Guilvinec fishing company the yard at Douarnenez and naval architect Coprexma which also designed the other vessels in the Armament Bigouden fleet.

France’s leader in designing fishing vessels, Coprexma has designed the new Bara Breizh to meet new standards for safety, energy performance and profitability to guarantee the sustainable future of the company.

‘It is the straightforward and realistic solutions that make it possible today to design a ship that is safer and more comfortable for the crew, with less impact on the environment, and making it possible to land quality fish,’ said Jean-François Ansquer, one of the Coprexma partners.

Accommodation is all in single or double cabins with air-conditioning and heavy-duty sound insulation. Attention has been paid to the ergonomics of working on board, with measures taken to minimise handling and lifting.

The fishroom is fitted out to hold fifty 660 litre tubs and twenty-three 460 litre tubs, plus a 30 cubic metre bulk area envisaged as space for holding discards.

 The Caterpillar propulsion system features a large propeller with a high reduction ratio to achieve maximum efficiency, optimised to minimise drag.

‘It’s an innovation that allows a vessel equipped with this large propeller to easily access the port of Guilvinec with a maximum draft of 4.50 metres,’ said Yves Gléhen.

‘A further innovation was the construction process,’ he added. ‘We worked with the architect to allow block construction and improve our productivity.’

Bara Breizh, which will be followed by a sister vessel in 2019, is expected to be commissioned in October. This is an event that Coprexma will not fail to celebrate, perhaps at the Itech’Mer exhibition where the company will be present 18-20th October at the Parc des Expositions in Lorient.

Bara Breizh measures 24.90 metres overall, with a 7.80 metre beam and has tank capacity for 41.87 cubic metres of fuel, 6.21 cubic metres of fresh water and a further 4.86 cubic metres of industrial fresh water.

Coprexma has over thirty years of expertise in the design of working vessels, primarily for fishing. More than 500 vessels around the world have been designed by the company established by Jean-François Ansquer and Gilles Rolland

WorldFishingToday - 24-09-2017

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