ENDEAVOUR IV BF 515, Whitehills

Macduff Shipyards Limited have just completed their largest fishing vessel to date for Peter Lovie from Whitehills.

Peter Lovie had previously owned and operated the “Endeavour III” out of Kinlochbervie, mainly fishing west coast and northern waters, the “Endeavour III” was sold to Iceland last year.

Although “Endeavour III” had a full length shelter, sweep winches and net tracks, taking the catch on board was with a Gilson gantry over the starboard side forward.

During initial discussions on the planning of the new vessel, Peter decided that a stern ramp trawler would best serve the type of fishing he would pursue in the future.

Consideration was also given to the possibility of building a larger vessel, but in the final analysis it was decided to keep below the 24m length BP limit.

In 2001 Peter’s brother Mark had built the “Venture II” BF326. This vessel was 28m Length Overall with 9.5m beam, but again the catch was taken on board over the side.

Peter chose the same engine for his new vessel as on “Venture II”, so initial design work began on a stern ramp trawler based on the hull design of “Venture II”, but it soon became apparent that more beam was required.

At the onset of fuel price increases consideration had to be given to overall efficiency of the design, so the services of a Technical Institute were employed to investigate what improvements could be made to the known hull form and characteristics of “Venture II”.
One controversial result of this was a further increase on beam to enable the underwater lines to be finer.
The final design incorporated an extended and re-modelled bulbous bow, improvements in water flow to the propeller, and re-designed run-out aft.

It was also decided that fitting a steering nozzle with a flap rudder without reducing the diameter of the propeller from that fitted on “Venture II” would also improve efficiency also incorporating a slower running propeller.

Working within the constraints of the length limitation and incorporating the machinery package specified was quite a challenge, but the additional time and effort in the early design stages has paid dividends.

The hull form is round bilge with large bulbous bow, flared stem, with full beam carried right to transom stern. Twin net ramps. Box type ballast keel.

Main dimensions:
Length overall.................28.96 meters
Length Registred..............23.96 meters
Breadth extreme...............10.50meters
Depth moulded..................7.20 meters Capacities:
Fuel Oil.............................. ~ 91,000 L
Freshwather............................16,000 L
Accommodation.................. 12 persons.

The layout below main deck from forward, fore peak containing FW tank, SW ballast tank, chain locker and bow thruster, fishroom with double bottom oil fuel tanks under, engineroom with 4 wing oil fuel tanks, and aft peak made up of a FW tank on the centerline and a SW ballast tank either side.

Layout on “tween decks from forward, store with access to lower store, changing room to port with toilet, 1 x 4 berth cabin amidships and 1 x 2 berth cabin to starboard, accommodation down starboard side with skippers cabin, 2 x 2 berth cabins, toilets, showers, lounge area, galley/messroom, aft companionway, laundry and provisions store. On port side separate room for machinery for ice maker, flow ice and fishroom cooling, fish handling area, and at aft end engineroom access and engineers store.
Amidships aft there is a large fish hopper with 2 flush hatches from deck above.

The upper shelterdeck has net tracks running from the stern ramps forward to the sweepline winches, which are fitted as far forward as possible in staggered formation. On the starboard side of the tracks 2 split trawl winches are fitted about amidships, with the accommodation air treatment machinery housed in a compartment forward of that, and forward again a 2 berth cabin.
On the port side of the tracks there is a split trawl winch fitted about amidships, and just forward of that is the trunk to the fishroom for the discharging hatch, and forward again a compartment for spare fishing gear.

The upper shelterdeck is fully covered to the aft side of the wheelhouse, and from there aft the side decks are covered clear of the net tracks.

A large aluminium alloy wheelhouse is fitted over this with large windows aft viewing the trawl deck.

The main engine is an MAK 8M20 with an output of 1060kw at 900RPM, arranged with box cooling.

The engine is driving through a Mekanord gearbox type 580HS with 6.06:1 reduction ratio, and Helseth sterngear type 4TX750/240-3000 HSD to a 3000mm diameter 4 blade CP propeller in a Smed Larsen steering nozzle complete with flap rudder.

The steering gear is a Scan Steering type MT5000 complete with a carrier bearing. The steering gear is situated on the main deck underneath the ramp area, which also houses the emergency steering system.

The Mekanord gearbox is also fitted with 3 clutched pto units for the hydraulic pumps for deck machinery.

The gearbox has a standby lub oil pump, and the tailshaft is fitted with a shaft brake.

Control of engine, gearbox and CP propeller is achieved with a 3 station Radamec control system in the wheelhouse.

A FloScan fuel monitor is also fitted.

The main generator sets are 2 x Scania DI12 62EMS 10.60G units, each producing 260kw 415/3/50, with box cooling.

A Perkins Sabre 5TWGM harbour set is also fitted, producing 100kw 415/3/50, with box cooling.

The machinery space is also equipped with an RWO type SKIT/S-DEB oily water separator system.

The fuel system is equipped with a fuel transfer pump so that fuel may be pumped from tank to tank for ballast and trimming purposes.

Duplicate CC Jensen oil fuel filter/separators are also fitted.

The main engine air start system is served by duplicate air compressors and air reservoirs.

The bilge/deckwash/water ballast transfer systems are served by Azcue motor driven pumps.

The ‘tweendeck fish handling area is fitted with 4 sumps each fitted with an Azcue vertical vortex motor driven pump.

A Thrustmaster hydraulic bow thruster is operated off the deck machinery hydraulics , and has 3 station controls in the wheelhouse.

Deck machinery:
3 x split trawl winches 2 x TWS-4521 1 x TWS 4525 c/w Lebus spooling gear
electric remote controls and Pentagon autotrawl
6 x sweep winches type SW2300/CA140 c/w electric remote controls
2 x bagging winches type ND1200 c/w electric remote controls
2 x forward gantry winches type M25 c/w electric remote controls
2 x cod end winches type GW680
3 x auxiliary gear handling winches
1 x anchor winch type AW300
1 x electric winch for fishroom
1 x discharging crane 24 t/m
2 x motor driven towing/standby pumps
2 x hydraulic ramp gates
2 x hydraulic hopper hatches

Electronic equipment:
Screens in forward console 19” XEROX
1 for Koden radar
1 for Sodena 1
1 for Sodena 2
1 for Olex
1 for Scanmar
1 for Autotrawl
1 for Skipper sounder
1 for TV

3 x 17” ZEROX in aft console (1 for slave from matrix, 2 for CCTV)

2 x 10.4” screens on bridge wings, beside controls (both thro’matrix)

1 x matrix switcher c/w 1 output to skippers cabin

1 x Sailor 5000 R/T 1 x Sailor SAT C system
1 x Sailor RT2048 VHF 1 x SEVSAT broadband at sea system
1 x Icom M401 VHF/DSC 1 x SEATEL SAT TV System
1 x Koden KGP-913 DGPS 1 x Olex Plotter c/w wind indicator input
1 x Koden KGP-913 GPS 2 x Sodena
1 x Simrad RGC50 gyrocompass 1 x A I S system
2 x Navitron digital heading repeaters 1 x Iridium sat phone system
1 x Skipper GDF-201 black box sounder 1 x Laptop for weather software, internet,
1 x Koden MDC-1820BS black box radar SAT C etc
1 x Koden MDC-1041 radome radar 1 x Sky decoder
1 x Navitron 921G autopilot system c/w watch alarm 7 x CCTV cameras c/w housings
1 x Raymarine RAY-430 talkback system 2 x 4 way CCTV camera switches
1 x Phontech 10 way talkback system 1 x Matrix switcher
1 x ICS NAV6 Navtex 1 x McMurdo G5 Smartfind EPIRB
1 x Icom GM1600E handheld VHF

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