OILWIND Auto-linesystem

In September 2009 the longline boat Bragd got a brand new Oilwind Autoline System. The Autoline System Type 23-13 is the first of its kind. This system is developed for the larger long lining boats. Since Bragd got this system they have been out on more than 40 trips. Considering the circumstances catches have been good.

On Bragd they say following: "When we decided to make this investment, it was due to the high costs of baiting by hand. With this investment in the Oilwind Autoline System, we have fully achieved this saving. We have closely monitored how well the system baits the long line. The samples have demonstrated that the system baits exceptionally well. Now we are 3 men on board the boat while 2 are on land preparing the line. This provides big savings compared to before when we were 4 men on board and eight men on land, who put bait on the hooks manually. Our conclusion is that we are getting more hooks to the bottom with the Oilwind system in comparison to when we put the bait on by hand. During each trip we set between 55 and 60 long lines. With a speed of 6 mile, which is the speed we normally use, when we set the long line, the time we spend putting out 60 long lines is 2 hours and 20 min. This means 5760 hooks an hour. We have used several types of baits.
We can recommend the system to anyone who is interested in investing in Oilwind´s new Autoline System."

WorldFishingToday - 09-09-2010

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