Trawldoor revolution fom Egersund Trål AS

Egersund Trål AS (norway) have received patent for a new type of trawldoors, wich will revolutionize trawlfishing.

Today, making ajustments for getting more/less spread is a dangerous and difficult operation at sea.

In short terms, the patent alows the doors to be adjusted (open/close) with panels (hatches) located at Top and Bottom half of the door. This can be done during the fishing operation with 2 way signals from vessel.

This adjustment can be done either to increase or decrease the area of the door to customize to trawl size or speed.
Especially this is a great advantage in highspeed fishing like Jackmackerel, wich is eaught near surface at night, wich requires rather large doors, compared to daytime fishing in deeper water were smaller doors is optimal.

This also makes it possible to adjust and keep the doors and trawl at the correct depth, during the entire haul.

This type of technology will make the fishing more profitable, due to both reduced fule cost and inereased catch.

"We first looked into a different approach to adjust doors in fishing, to be able to change the angle of the doors to get more or less spread.
This method we turned down rather fast due to the high forces needed to change angle and methode not accurat enough." - says Bjørn Hvasø from Egersund Trål A/S, "We will do same more testing in scaled models before full scale doors will be produced for testing."

This technology can also be converted into the seismic market for example.

WorldFishingToday - 09-09-2010

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