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Marel have worked closely with the fishing industry for more than a quarter of century. The first class service that they offer their customers is based on the extensive experience and expertise that they have built up in that time. Their goal is always to ensure that the Marel equipment delivers optimal performance and profitability at all times.

Some of the Marel equipment in use today is quite old. This equipment has long since proven its value in terms of quality and reliability but in many cases it has become difficult to find parts for it. The time has come to replace equipment that has served its purpose well but has come to the end of its lifecycle.

Marel is offering their customers who have older scales and graders from Marel the opportunity to upgrade to newer versions. Marel are currently offering the following options:

M2000 indicator
The M2000 indicator has proven its worth since 1988 but it has become increasingly difficult to service it. As a result, it can take longer to fix the M2000 if it malfunctions. It is also worth keeping in mind that after 8-10 years of use, the soldering connections in ships may begin to crack.

For most of the scales, the solution is to upgrade to the M1100 or M2200 indicators, which replaced the M2000 in our product range several years ago.

For grader equipped with the M2000, the recommended solution is to upgrade to the M3000 (PLC control units would also have to be replaced).

For Pols graders, the recommended solution is to upgrade to the M3000 (the weighing unit and PLC control units would also have to be replaced).

For Pols scales, it is sufficient to replace the indicator with the M1100 or M2200

M3000 indicator
For ships that use the M3000 to control their graders, Marel recomnd that a spare V37 board be kept on hand with the appropriate settings and software. If there is major interference with the electrical system, the boards can break down. The precaution of keeping a spare onboard can prevent production stoppages and related costs of steaming back to port for a replacement.

To improve operational security of the equipment, we also offer customized spare parts packages.

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