Kampi invests in Skaginn 3X tub handling

Shrimp processor Kampi ehf, based in Ísafjörður in north-western Iceland, went to Skagnn 3X for a tub handling system to streamline its production processes. Switching to the Skaginn 3X system increases factory automation and capacity as well as reducing the use of forklifts, while also providing better handling of raw material and tubs.

‘Kampi ehf’s operation has been very successful in recent months and we have seen a steady increase in production. It was therefore a great opportunity to invest in equipment at our facility. We are increasing our capacity and automation and purchasing a high-quality system from Skaginn 3x is an integral part of this process,’ said Kampi operations manager Albert Haraldsson.

The number of shrimp factories in Iceland have decreased over the past few years and there are just four in operation at present. This is significant shift, as in the past shrimp processing played a big part in the Icelandic seafood industry.

Kampi’s recent investment is therefore a very positive move for the industry and increases safety and automation. The system is expected too be fully operational at Kampi’s factory in Ísafjörður in February next year.

‘Companies in Iceland's seafood industry are always looking for ways to achieve more efficiency, increase automation and improve handling of products, and that is where we at Skaginn 3X are leading the way,’ said Skaginn 3X regional sales manager Freysteinn Nonni Mánason.

WorldFishingToday - 03-12-2018

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