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Plymouth Fisheries, the second largest fresh fish market in England, has promoted two of its most experienced staff to new management positions as part of a reorganisation aimed at improving the way the business operates.

The fisheries complex, which is operated and owned by Sutton Harbour Holdings plc, has appointed Nick Eggar to the role of Fisheries Manager, while former fisherman Joe Ransley has taken up a newly created position of Lock and Wharf Manager. Both Nick and Joe will be working under the direction of Pete Bromley, Harbour Master of Sutton Harbour.

Nick has previously overseen floor operations and day-to-day business at the fish market, and used to work for Plymouth Trawler Agents, which operates the daily fish market auction at the complex. After working in fishing for 18 years, Nick brings crucial industry experience to his new role.

‘I have been at the fisheries for many years now and have a great relationship with fishermen and colleagues, which has made the transition into the new position very smooth. I am delighted to be working closely with Pete and all of the staff to make day-to-day running as smooth and easy as possible for everyone involved,’ said Fisheries Manager Nick Eggar.

‘Our main priority is to work with the fishermen and with Plymouth Trawler Agents to get the catch off the boats as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The new staffing system will help this to happen, ensuring Plymouth Fisheries is the best place in the country to land and sell your catch.’

Joe Ransley as Lock and Wharf Manager will work alongside Nick. Joe, an ex-fisherman, has been working at the fisheries for twelve years, and will liaise closely with Plymouth Trawler Agents staff, as well as managing vessels coming into Sutton Harbour through the lock gates.

‘My role is very much focused on improving the communication between the lock and the fisheries, making daily operations as easy as possible for everyone involved. We have such a high number of boats coming in and out of the Sutton Harbour lock, and we need to ensure a tight system of operation to keep everyone happy,’ Joe Ransley said.

The two appointments are a result of a reorganisation of company management following the departure of Bob Read, Deputy Harbour Master, who worked at Plymouth Fisheries for ten years before leaving earlier this year to take up the position of Harbour Master at the River Yealm.

‘Nick and Joe have both been vital members of the team at Plymouth Fisheries for many years, and after Bob left, it made obvious sense to restructure the business and promote from within, given the immense experience they both have of working in the industry. These two new roles have been formed to ensure the management of day-to-day business is made as easy as possible, and I’m delighted to see both Nick and Joe progress their careers with us,’ Sutton Harbour’s Harbour Master Pete Bromley said.

Source: Sutton Harbour

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