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Argos Froyanes longliners delivered

A pair of 54 metre longliners built at the Tersan yard in Turkey have been delivered and christened at a ceremony in Gibraltar before heading for the Southern Ocean for the start of the April fishing season.

Nordic Prince and Argos Georgia have been built for Argos Froyanes, the UK-Norwegian partnership of Argos and Norwegian longline company Ervik Havfiske.

These two are the latest vessels in a long association between Ervik Havfiske and the Tersan shipyard that goes back to the delivery of the groundbreaking longliner Fr√łyanes in 2011, which also brought Tersan into the market for fishing vessels.

Nordic Prince and Argos Georgia are under the UK flag and are built to operate on toothfish in the Southern Ocean, in the Ross Sea and waters around South Georgia.

The two longliners measure 54 metre overall with a 13 metre beam and are designed in co-operation with Marin Teknikk, and these will be the most modern vessels taking part in the toothfish fishery.

Accommodation is for a crew of up to 28, plus there is separate accommodation and facilities for scientific observers. The new longliners are ice-strengthened to DNV 1-C Ice classification, with an ice belt of 20mm steel plate and 300mm frame spacings. They feature an innovative hull design which is combined with a new generation propulsion layout to reduce CO2 emissions by 30%

Working conditions are optimised with a moonpool system for hauling the longline direct through an opening in the hull, providing safe working conditions and a high-quality product. The factory deck is designed to freeze toothfish catches to -30¬įC


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