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Gitte Henning leaves Poland for Norway

What will become Denmark’s largest fishing vessel is on its way from the Crist Shipyard in Poland for fitting out at the Kleven Mykelbust yard in Norway.

Designed by Salt Ship Design, the new Gitte Henning is due for delivery in April 2018 and will measure 90.45 metres LOA with a 17.80 metre beam.

According to Inge-Jonny Hide at Kleven Mykelbust, the yard has not had an easy time of it since the downturn in the oil industry, and has had to manoeuvre to change tactics in tune with a changing market, switching to building fishing vessels, well boats and ferries.

The ‚Äėold‚Äô Gitte Henning was delivered in 2013 and was operated by owner Henning Kjeldsen only until the end of 2015 when it was sold to Icelandic company S√≠ldarvinnslan.

Henning Kjeldsen has previously told Fiskerforum how he wanted to reduce the draft of his pelagic vessel by half a metre to make it possible to dock and land fish in Thybor√łn without any problems, which the S√≠ldarvinnslan offer made a real possibility.

In the interim, he has been fishing with the pelagic vessel taken in part exchange for the ‚Äėold‚Äô Gitte Henning, and the former Beitir was refitted and renamed, and is expected to be in operation for Henning Kjeldsen until the new vessel is delivered in the spring of next year.

WorldFishingToday - 08-10-2017

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