New beach-launch seiner/netter

Now 23, Rasmus Olsen has been fishing for seven years and has just taken delivery of his third boat and his first newbuild, a 15 metre GRP boat capable of alternating gillnetting and seine netting the traditional methods for the fleet operating from Thorup Strand on Denmark’s west coast.

The new Inger Kristine HM-17, Rasmus Olsen’s third boat to carry the same name, has been built by Bredgaard Båtværft. Five years of fishing successfully with an old wooden boat gave him plenty of time to think over what he would want in a newbuild, and the result is a 14.99 metre overall, 6 metre beam boat with a 2.17 metre draft with a 44 cubic metre fishroom.

The fitting out includes electric winches and TMP 300L deck crane, as well as carefully a designed catch handling setup to minimise manual labour and heavy lifting. The main engine is a 213kW John Deere

Rasmus Olsen spent the last three months at the Bredgaard yard during the final stages of Inger Kristine’s fitting out, and after a break from fishing as the boat was completed he’s anxious to get to sea with the rest of the fleet fishing from the sand beach at Thorup Strand.

WorldFishingToday - 17-06-2017

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