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Longliner contract goes to Tersan

Construction of the two new longliners to be built for Norwegian fishing company Ervik Havfiske’s subsidiaries has been contracted to the Tersan shipyard in Turkey.

The new 54 metre Argos Georgia and Nordic Prince are designed by MArin Teknikk and are to be built to operate in the Southern Ocean.

‚ÄėWe have signed a contract, and delivery is early in 2018. It was Tersan who built the largest longliner Fr√łyanes almost five years ago and we've been very pleased with the co-operation with the Turkish shipyard,‚Äô said owner Stig Ervik. ‚ÄėTersan are competitive ion price and quality, and we are now working in collaboration with Marin Teknikk on the design of the boats.‚Äô

He commented that there has been a great deal of interest in the project, and a Norwegian shipyard was in the running for the contract that finally went to Tersan.

Argos Georgia and Nordic Prince are to be built with accommodation for up to 28 on board, and are designed for toothfish longlining in the Southern Ocean. The two ice-class longliners are designed for operating under challenging conditions and are to be built with conventional and hybrid propulsion systems.

‚ÄėWe have been working closely with Ervik for a number of years and we have developed very good relationship, and vessels with functional solutions especially suited to the different needs within the Ervik group of companies,; said Marin Teknikk sales director Richard K Gjerde, adding that that Marin Teknik has designed a number of vessels for Ervik since 1995.

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