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Denmark’s largest fishing vessel christened at Karstensens

The newest fishing vessel to join the Danish fleet has been delivered to its owners at the Karstensens yard in Skagen. Pelagic vessel Ruth combines a host of new ideas into its 87 metre hull and it has a 3430 cubic metre RSW capacity in its thirteen tanks

The Ruth fishing company was established in 1988 by Gullak Madsen and two partners, with the purchase of Arica I which became the first Ruth. It was followed in 1990 by the second Ruth purchased from the Faroe Islands and rebuilt. In 1998 took renewed its capacity with Ordinat bought from a Norwegian company and the present (and fourth) Ruth also came from Norway.

The new (fifth) Ruth’s hull was built in Poland and brought to the yard in Skagen in August last year for completion, and was delivered to its owners yesterday.

The 87.80 metre LOA purser-trawler has a 16.60 metre beam and is the largest fishing vessel under the Danish flag.

Ruth operates primarily on herring and mackerel, but also has quotas for blue whiting, sandeel and sprat, and is built to alternate purse seining and pelagic trawling. Ruth is the first pelagic vessel of its kind to be delivered with three trawl winches to give it the option of twin-rig trawling. Ruth is laid out for pumping fish both at the stern and over the starboard side, with the handling layout located one deck higher than is normal to make working on deck safer.

The MAN 8L32 / 44 CR 4800kW main engine is the first MAN diesel engine with common-rail fuel injection commissioned for the Danish fishing fleet. The 4500mm propeller runs at 120 rpm at full power / 60 Hz on the shaft generator in a combination that ensures optimal vessel bollard pull when required. In addition to the main engine power, it is possible to further boost propeller with an additional 2000kW routed from the three gensets.

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