New Cleopatra from Iceland to Tromsø

Fishing company West Atlantic, based in Tromsø in northern Norway, has taken delivery of a new Cleopatra 36B longliner from Trefjar in Iceland.

The company is run by expat Icelander Bjarni Sigurðsson who has lived and fished in Norway for many years, and the new Trånøy is a new solo venture.

The boat is the first of of the yard’s new Cleopatra 36B for a customer outside Iceland and is designed specifically at just under 11 metres LOA to fit into the Norwegian regulatory system, although the design is similar to that of the Indriði Kristins, delivered to an owner in Iceland at the end of last year.

Trånøy has a Scania D13 550hp main engine driving a ZF500IV gearbox. Electronics are from JRC and Simrad. The boat also has hydraulic side thrusters fore and aft that are coupled to the boat’s autopilot.

The longline system is from Mustad there is also additional catch and gear handling equipment on board supplied by Stálorka. The bleeding bin is from 3X and Kæling supplied the chiller system.

The fishroom is built for twelve 660 and four 460 litre tubs, or alternatively 29 of the smaller tuns can be used.

Trånøy is well equipped for crew comfort with facilities for a crew of four in two cabins.

WorldFishingToday - 08-03-2016

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