The most innovative US fishing vessel built in over 20 years

Alaskan Leader Fisheries LLC, an Alaskan owned fishing company, has accepted delivery of the newest commercial fishing vessel in the Alaskan freezer-longline fleet – the 184’ NORTHERN LEADER - from J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding Corporation of Tacoma, Washington.

The vessel employs advanced technology throughout many integrated ship’s system from 100%
LED lighting to a Diesel Electric Power Management System that controls the vessel propulsion units and all
other electrical demands onboard substantially reducing fuel usage over older vessels.

The eco-friendly longline vessel combines a very low environmental impact method of fishing with onboard
processing capabilities that allows for both maximum utilization of vessel catch and the highest quality
Alaskan whitefish production possible.

Designed for service in the longline fisheries of the North Pacific, Bering Sea, and Aleutian Islands, the vessel
will target Alaskan Cod, Sablefish, and other groundfish species and will be home ported in Kodiak, Alaska.

The NORTHERN LEADER project utilized many Pacific Northwest and International marine service
providers. From the builder, J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding, one of the oldest and most venerable West Coast
shipyards, to Jensen Maritime Consultants, a Crowley owned leading naval architectural firm based in
Seattle, the building of the NORTHERN LEADER involved the participation of over 100 companies and
provided the job equivalency of over 200 employee – years to complete the vessel in Tacoma, Washington.

The NORTHERN LEADER is the fourth vessel owned and operated by ALASKAN LEADER FISHERIES joining the
ALASKAN LEADER, BERING LEADER, AND BRISTOL LEADER to form the most modern and largest Alaskan
owned fleet in the offshore (processing at sea) fisheries of Alaska.

With the addition of the NORTHERN LEADER, Alaskan Leader Fisheries will have the harvesting capacity of over 28,000 metric tons annually (approximately 62,000,000 round pounds) of Alaskan cod and other groundfish species.

Robin Samuelsen, Board Chairman of Alaskan Leader Fisheries and Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation of Dillingham, Alaska, in announcing the delivery of the company’s new vessel said:

“The completion of the NORTHERN LEADER project represents the culmination of over three years of hard work and the commitment of many people. Planning, design work, and construction were carefully monitored to insure that we would build the best possible vessel for the Alaskan longline fisheries.

I’m proud that Alaskans lead the way on this project. It shows our determination to make long-term investments in Alaska’s fisheries that will provide economic benefits to our people and communities for many years to come. We will produce the highest quality Alaskan seafood for world markets with the safest and most efficient fishing vessels”.

Bristol Bay Economic Development Corp, which owns 50% of Alaskan Leader Fisheries, was founded in 1992 as a participant in the Federal Community Development Quota program. Established to facilitate the economic and social participation of small rural communities of Western Alaska in the Federally managed fisheries of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands, the CDQ program has been very successful in increasing economic opportunity and social stability in these areas of Alaska.

Comprised of 17 Bristol Bay area watershed communities and headquartered in Dillingham, Alaska, BBEDC has been a leading CDQ advocate of strong and well measured long-term investments in the region’s commercial fisheries.

BBEDC’s core belief is that the sustainability of fisheries increases through sound economic investment and modernization of harvesting vessels and seafood processing facilities. These benefits will enable families and local communities to have access to greater economic, social, and educational opportunities.

Alaskan Leader Group, which also owns 50% of ALF, was founded in 1990 by seven long-time Kodiak fishing families to build larger freezer-longliner vessels to participate in the offshore Alaskan fisheries. ALG is very active in the operational management of the Alaskan Leader fleet with six families involved in the everyday support of the company’s fishing and seafood marketing activities.



Steel Freezer - Longliner

184’ 3” X 42’ X 18’ 9”

12.5 Knots

1,409 Gross Registered Tons
1,712 International Tonnage Cert.


31,000 cu.ft. – 878 cubic meters

2,800 cu.ft. – 80 cubic meters

2,400 cu. ft. – 68 cubic meters

36,200 cu. ft. – 1,026 cubic meters
1,786,600 lbs. est. - 808 metric tons

136,000 gallons

22,000 gallons


June 29, 2013


WorldFishingToday - 12-07-2013

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