FR253 Virtuous launched in Whitby, Yorkshire

Sandy West and Keith Buchan saw the launch of the new FR253 Virtuous on the 31st of July this year. Virtuous was launched in Whitby, Yorkshire, at Parkol Marine. Parkol Marine started Virtuous in October 2009. Registered to Fraserburgh, Virtuous, LOA 23 meters, is arranged for both single and twin rig trawling.

With a steel double chine hull and transom stern, Virtuous has a fuel capacity of around 20,000 litres, fresh water capacity of 16,00 litres and service tank of 500 litres. The two ice lockers hold around 3 tonnes each.

Virtuous, has a beam of 7.2 meters and a depth of 4.28 meters, as well as a Mitsubishi S6R2 MPTKF engine with a Reijntes gearbox and a propellor from BT Marine. The belowdecks area is divided into four spaces, the aft accommodation and steering gear, engine room, fishroom and compartment for thrusters and forepeak tank. Each space is a watertight bulkhead.

The main deck houses the fish handling space and trawl winch in non-weathertight shelter forward, while aft has a steel shelter and integral gallow arrangement for net drums. Aft of amidships has a steel casing for galley, mess and washroom, going athwart ships. The full length shelter deck has an aluminium alloy wheelhouse, as well as the foremast, trawl gallows, landing derrick and aft crane.

WorldFishingToday - 23-10-2010

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