ST-155 Geir – new longliner with moon pool

ST-155 Geir, LOA 51.3 meters, is a new longliner designed by Skipsteknisk AS and built by Fiskerstrand Verft AS. The new owners, Holmeset AS of Haram, Norway, signed the contract for the longliner back in 2008. This is the fifth longliner ordered by Holmeset AS, with the moon pool system designed and patented by Fiskerstrand Verft AS, SINTEF Fiskeri and Havbruk AS.

This is the fifth vessel to have a ‘moon pool’. The ‘moon pool’, is a hauling well located in the centre of the hull where the longline will be hauled in. This feature, which helps reduce fish losses and has an emphasis on crew safety, will also allow Geir to continue fishing even in bad weather. Geir is also equipped with a diesel electric propulsion plant to improve engine efficiency and reduce fuel costs.

With an overall length of 51.3 meters, Geir has a beam of 12.4 meters and a depth to main deck measuring 5.7/5.82 meters. The maximum draught is 5.37 meters. An electric retractable azimuth bow thruster is installed and can also be used as a side thruster if placed in the correct position.

The fuel tank is 300m3, with domestic water tank of 15m3 and technical water tank at the forepeak is 80m3. With accommodation for 19 men and freezer cargo hold of 700m3 holding up to 35t, Geir is well equipped and well prepared for success. The accommodation is a mixture of single and double cabins, alongside a laundry, hospital room and mess area. Deck equipment includes a crane aft with a 12 meter reach, and a crane forward with an 8 meter reach.

Geir has been specifically designed for longlining through the moon pool, and with the diesel electric propulsion system this new vessel is one that manages to place not only crew safety and environmental concern at the forefront of design, but also efficiency and fish quality.

WorldFishingToday - 22-10-2010

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