Kleven Maritime contracts for Norwegian factory trawler

The first new factory freezer trawler for the Norwegian fleet is set to be delivered next year under an agreement signed between Kleven Maritime and trawler operator Prestfjord AS. The new ship is to be built to a Rolls-Royce design at the Myklebust Verft yard at Gursten in Norway, with delivery scheduled for November 2011.

Prestfjord and Kleven Maritime have a relationship that goes back many years as in 1987 Kleven Maritime delivered the 57m factory trawler Prestfjord for the same owners. Ola Helge Holmøy of Prestfjord and Kleven Maritime’s Ståle Rasmussen expressed their satisfaction at being able to work together again, as well as the opportunity to work with Rolls-Royce.

The new vessel, designed as NVC 368, is designed to measure 63.1m LOA with a 15m beam. She will be able to function as both a demersal and pelagic trawler, and will come equipped with a factory deck and plate freezers.

Rolls Royce will not only be providing the design, but also the propulsion and manoeuvring systems, all deck machinery, including eight sweepline winches, and the electrical systems.

The engine, provided by Rolls-Royce Marine, is a hybrid of conventional diesel and diesel electric propulsion systems. This computerised system is expected to provide easier maintenance, as well as quieter and more environmentally-friendly operation. The intention is that a significant proportion of the mechanical systems be electric-mechanical hybrids, in order to make the vessel more efficient.

The order from Prestfjord represents a milestone for the Norwegian fishing industry as there has not been a new factory trawler for a Norwegian owner to fish in home waters for more than a decade and Ola Helge Holmøy commented that it is a pleasure to be able to place the order with a Norwegian company.

Valued at NOK 205 million, the contract for Prestfjord is one of eleven contracts currently held by Kleven Maritime, valued at NOK 5.70 billion.

WorldFishingToday - 12-09-2010

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