Combined trawler / purse seiner and ROW vessel built at Karstensens in Skagen

"Christina E" has several innovative technologies, as the vessel is designed so it can also work for other industries - such as the marine and oil industries.

The more than 80 meters long and 16.6 meters wide vessel's hull is currently under construction in the "Baltija" Shipyard in Kleipeda, Lithuania. The shipyard is a part of the Odense Stålskibsværft which is owned by the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. It is known as a supplier of high-quality parts for the shipbuilding industry.

Later this year the completion of this "special vessel" will begin, as the director Tage Rishøj of Karstensens Skibsværft A/S, told us with a mixture of "nord jutlandish" modesty and pride.

The start-up company behind this ship is lead by Mr and Mrs Rita Sævik and Espen Ervik. Currently they operate all of the vessels they built themselves. Rita Sæviks vessel KINGS CROSS is put up for sale while Espen Ervik's HERÖYHAV will continuously be operated by the Ervik families company.

The new combined ??? and trawlboat is packed with as a series of groundbreaking new technologies to benefit the environment and fish quality. At the same time it sets a new standard for fuel-efficient propulsion.

The vessel is equipped with an integrated loading, cooling and unloading system that was developed from the systems used in Norwegian "brønd-boats" which are used for the transport of living salmon. In "Christina E" the fish will be stored in 12 cylindrical RSW tanks which are used as vacuum containers with a total capacity of 2.000m3. Under- and overpressure is used to load and unload the pelagic catches. A characteristic feature of the system is the gentle treatment of the catch.

The ship is equipped with a lower keel to be used for installation of marine research equipment.

For operating in the oil industry the vessel is equipped with ROW equipment for the handling of submarines and dynamic positioning equipment is also installed,so the ship keeps it's position when working on installations at the seabed.

Emissions are minimized by a exhaust catalyser. Additionally the ship has a hybrid propulsion, which according to Take Rishøj means that the ship can be operated solely by power from auxiliary electric motor at a lower speed. This saves costs in relation to a constant use of the main engine.

Especially when the vessel is used as a service vessel in e.g. the oil industry the hybrid propulsion system is expected to be an advantage.

In spring of 2011 Karstensens Skibsværft will deliver the newly built ship No. 414 "Christina E" to the Norwegian shipping company in Fosnavåg, Sunnmøre. The ship is designed by Wärsila Ship Design Norway A/S and equipped with a 4.500 kW MaK diesel engine.

WorldFishingToday - 12-09-2010

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