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Longline pair delivered to New Caledonia

Piriou has delivered two new longliners to New Caledonia company Navimon, a subsidiary of Sem Sodil, as the first in a series of new vessels.

Back in the 1990s Piriou built a series of eight longliners for the same customer, delivered between 1998 and 2000, and Navimon is now renewing its fleet with new 20.70 metre longliners designed to improve crew comfort, make maintenance operations easier, optimise running costs and deal with issues related to security and environment compliance.

The two new vessels, which will fish New Caledonia’s EEZ, have arrived in their home port where the naming ceremony will take place prior to them starting fishing. An order for a further three vessels built to the same design has been concluded, with the trio due for delivery at the end of 2019.

‚ÄėWe are very happy we have kept Navimon‚Äôs confidence as a long-time customer, over nearly twenty years after their first vessels,‚Äô said Piriou CEO Vincent Faujour.

‚ÄėFollowing our latest orders and deliveries of trawlers for mainland France and longliners for La R√©union, this contract allows us to maintain and increase our presence in the artisanal and industrial fishing in overseas territories as well as in France‚Äô.

The 20.70 metre LOA, 6.90 beam, 340kW longliners have a 50 cubic metre fishroom chilled to 0¬įC and a 25 cubic metre hold refrigerated to -20¬įC

WorldFishingToday - 01-12-2018

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