More healthy fish oils from FF Skagen

The fishmeal factory in Skagen has in cooperation with Marine Harvest, which is one of the world's leading producers of salmon, taken a new initiative to strengthen even further the quality and health for aquaculture and there/ ore also for humans.

Several years of experience by cleaning fish oil for undesirable substances is the reason for this cooperation between Marine Harvest and FF Skagen.

FF Skagen shall clean all the fish oil which is used in the feed for farmed salmon produced by the Norwegian company Marine Harvest.

The new product
Besides the new agreement with Marine Harvest, FF Skagen offers to the worlds feed producers this new product, so that all fish oil can be cleaned extraordinarily if needed. This is possible due to the fact that FF Skagen some years ago inaugurated the worlds most advanced facility for cleaning fish oil for undesired substances e.g. dioxin, pesticides etc.

Several years of experience
Johannes Palsson, CEO of FF Skagen says:
We are proud that we are now able to market a new product simultaneously with the start of the cooperation with Marine Harvest. FF Skagen has been able to clean fish oil since 2005, primarily when produced from fish caught in the Baltic Sea when this has shown necessary."

"To us this is yet another step in the direction that we are developing products in cooperationwith both our customers and our customers'customers, but of course it is also our company'sprofile both to increase the focus on feed safety and health and the documentation of this."


WorldFishingToday - 03-04-2014

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