Trawl door sales take off

Vónin has seen booming sales of trawl doors over the winter months of 2013 and moving into the new year, particularly following the success of Injector’s new Monarch pelagic trawl doors after the first set was given its first round of heavy use on board Fagraberg FD-1210 last summer.

‘They were exclusively pair trawling during the summer and autumn for Herring and Mackerel,’ reports Vónin’s Jógvan S Jacobsen. ‘But once the Blue Whiting fishery in Faroese waters began in December, the Monarch doors were hoisted back onto the gallows. This 14.50m2 pair of Monarch doors easily spread the 2304 metre trawl and the gear was remarkably light to tow compared to the high spreading force of these doors.’

Danish pelagic vessel Ruth HG-264 ordered a 15m2 pair of Monarch doors in November last year for the mackerel season, followed by orders from vessels Christian í Grótinum KG-690 for a 13.50m2 pair and from Slættaberg KG-652 for a 13m2 pair, both for the Blue Whiting Fishery. The most recent order on Monarch doors is a pair of 14.50m2 for Tróndur í Gøtu FD-175 which will be delivered by mid April together with a new 2304 metre pelagic trawl.

‘In January we also supplied a pair of 9m2 Injector Stealth F15 doors to Næraberg, which will be mainly used for trawling on herring and mackerel, and we have been busy with doors for the North Sea Sandeel fishery for the Danish pelagic fleet,’ he said.

‘Ruth’s owners came to us for a 22m2 set of Cobra doors, plus a 20m2 set for Beinur HG-62, and Brestur HG-63 is being supplied with a 13m2 pair of Injector Shark doors.’

WorldFishingToday - 05-03-2014

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