HB Grandi Chooses RevoPortioner

What do you do when you have developed best-selling, revolutionary portioning equipment? You make it even better! Since its conception in 1999, RevoPortioner has amassed a vast amount of knowledge and research, taking it from an innovative approach in portioning technology to a range of machines that provide the answer to many satisfied further processors across the globe.

With the RevoPortioner from Marel Townsend Further Processing, you can make perfectly portioned products at low pressure, which retain the texture and structure of your raw material. It doesn’t matter whether you are processing red meat, poultry or fish masses. RevoPortioner copes beautifully with all meat masses; and with its portioning drum, which is quick and easy to change over; you can make practically any shape you want.

HB Grandi is one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland and a leader in its field. Great emphasis is plut on using the latest advances in technology for fishing and processing. This is why they have chosen theRevoPortioner from Marel Townsend Further Processing. “RevoPortioner fully meets our expectations. We get the correct texture and bite,” says Kári Sölmundarson Sales Manager of HB Grandi. He explains that the RevoPortioner is an opportunity for fish processors to continue adding value to their products: “The 3D shape and the natural bite of the piece is actually a revolution in the fish industry or seafood. As normally these shapes would have been formed under high pressure”. He sees the partnership between HB Grandi and Marel Townsend Further Processing as a “long and good relationship with the Marel family”.

In the video below features an interview with Kári Sölmundarson, Sales Manager as well as the RevoPortioner 400 in action at HB Grandi site. Take a look!


WorldFishingToday - 04-02-2014

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