First Icelandic MSC product

As of today, consumers in Iceland will be able to buy fish products bearing the MSC label.

Icelandic production company Akraborg has introduced MSC labelled canned cod liver to the Icelandic consumer market for the first time. The product comes under the Icelandic ORA brand, which has served the Icelanders and global markets more than half a century of first class products and earned a solid place in the Icelandic food culture.

Over 18.000 MSC labelled products around the globe
The very first MSC product was launched back in 2000 in the United Kingdom. Today more than 13,000 MSC labelled products are on sale in-store to shoppers worldwide and can be traced back to the MSC certified sustainable fisheries. In total over 18,000 products are on sale with the MSC ecolabel, which is found on a variety of in-store, wholesale and foodservice seafood products.

Increasing demand for MSC certified products
Rolf Hákon Arnarson, General Manager of Akraborg says: “MSC certification was a big step for us towards our international markets were demand for MSC certified products has increased steadily in the last few years. We are very happy to be able to extend our production of MSC certified products and offer them in the Icelandic market in co-operation with the good people at Ora.”

Serving Icelandic market with first MSC labelled product
Leifur Þórsson, Managing Director at Ora says: “Ora is serving the Icelandic market for canned product since 1952. We are pleased to launch the first Icelandic produced MSC labelled product for the consumer market in Iceland.”

A great accomplishment
Gísli Gíslason, MSC Senior Fisheries Outreach Manager in Iceland says: “For these MSC labelled products Akraborg has sourced from the MSC certified Icelandic cod fisheries. MSC labelled products are sold in 98 countries and from today Iceland can be added to that list.”

Akraborg is the pioneer in Iceland producing MSC labelled canned cod liver for markets across the globe. It is also the first Icelandic company to produce MSC labelled consumer pack products for overseas markets. ”I am delighted that it is the now the first company to produce MSC labelled products specifically for the local market in Iceland. I congratulate Akraborg and Ora with this great accomplishment and will closely follow further developments.”

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WorldFishingToday - 25-04-2013

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