Vónin Pelagic Bag has Fished for DKK 400-500 Millions

In the summer of 2010, Danish pelagic trawler "Ruth" HG264 got two new Vónin pelagic bags for Herring and Mackerel fishing. These bags were tailored for the extreme intense fishery that many of the vessels in the North Sea are in every year. After fishing almost exclusively for Herring and Mackerel for 2½ years, they have still only got to bag no. 1!

The two skippers of "Ruth" have both expressed their satisfaction about the performance of Vónin's bags and they both say that the bags are amazing.
"They are extremely strong taking large hauls of up to 900 tonnes with no tearing or signs of exhaustion whatsoever!"

Another thing that is quite important is the quality of the fish that the buyer wants. The fish that has been caught with these bags is first class, and there have never been problems with bad quality.

If we take this investment and compare it with the value of the fish that has been caught the figures are quite remarkable. In round numbers, "Ruth" has a turnover of Dkk 150-200 million per year, so the first bag has fished for about Dkk 400-500 million! 

Kilde Vònin

WorldFishingToday - 18-02-2013

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