Notus celebrates 20th anniversary

Picture it, Newfoundland 1992, Brad Henderson incorporates Notus Electronics Ltd. (Notus) with the goal of developing hydroacoustic equipment for the commercial fishing industry.

Then one of the most historic events ever in the worldwide fishery happens - the once great Northern Cod stock is called into moratorium. Now that event would be a challenge for a mature company much less a new one. However, 20 years later, Notus is thriving by staying focused on its products and customers.

Mr. Henderson says "Our company and industry were best described to me by an older Scottish Captain. He said the one constant in the fishery is change." So in 1992, the local industry was changing but there were still opportunities. Over the first number of years, a sophisticated transponder based wireless technology was developed. "This pure transponder based system was completely new to the fishing industry." A commercial product was ready after many years in development. Notus started to focus on the European fisheries due to their high adaption of technology. Later on, markets were developed in the USA, Asia, and New Zealand. Today, Notus has branch offices in the United Kingdom and Spain. Its products are sold and serviced to almost every major fishery in the world via a very active distributor network.

Notus systems started off very basic. Shipboard equipment communicated wirelessly to catch sensors on the cod-end. Mr. Henderson says, "Today, Notus systems are much more advanced with 24 sensors currently being offered. Today, on a trawl, Notus measures parameters like trawl wire length, doorspread, door angle, bottom contact, height, depth, temperature, catch, etc. Likewise, sensors for a seiner can measure depth, corkline/leadline alignment, sink rate and temperature."

Notus Electronics Ltd.

WorldFishingToday - 21-11-2012

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