Good mackerel season for pair trawlers

For the pair trawlers that usually fish around the Faroes for whitefish like cod, saithe and haddock, the mackerel fishery is a good contribution.

And for those who have the possibility to freeze the fish on board, the result has been quite good. "Gullberg" TG965 and "Sjagaklettur" TG964 have been pair trawling since the end of June and have caught 2600 tonnes of mackerel, which has been frozen at sea.

On Monday, October 8th the two vessels arrived in the port of Fuglafjørður to discharge their two Vónin 864 metre mackerel trawls.

The trawls have been working very well and have not been ashore for repairs since they started.

The Vónin crew will now inspect the two trawls and make the necessary repairing and maintaining before they will be packed in our storage until they need them again.


WorldFishingToday - 16-10-2012

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