Akamalik caught for 11 millions in 9 days

The Greenlandic shrimp trawler m/tr Akamalik has made an outstanding trip. They caught shrimps worth astonishing 11 millions DKK in only 9 days.

M/tr Akamalik was in T贸rshavn in Faroe Islands a couple of weeks ago to pick up some new gear from V贸nin.

They got new V贸nin 2007 shrimp trawls, V贸nin Shrimp Grids, V贸nin Codends and Injector Cobra trawl doors.

Skipper Linjohn Christiansen expresses great satisfaction with the new gear from V贸nin. The gear has been performing very well even on the rough bottom which we have been fishing on in West Greenland.


WorldFishingToday - 22-08-2012

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