Bass fishing sees new tactics

Rising heat of summer has brought out new tactics for bass fishing in deep water, say scientists.

According to the information as the heat rises bass fish go to deeper water to keep cool and anglers need to change their way of fishing to adapt to the changing patterns of fish. Deep water tactics need to be in the repertoire of any bass angler during the hot months of summer. Bass go deeper water to keep them cool but they need to feed during one point of day or night and their feeding patterns and locations change during this period of time.

Scientists said that anglers should make adjustments and remember several things: 1.Set your sights on deeper water. 2. Remember that fish suspend during the hot months so fish baits that will target different depths and use your sonar to find these suspended fish. 3, Fish the optimal times of the day; early morning, late evening, or the night hours.

Fishers need to concentrate on 8-12 foot depths to find bass and should look for gravel beds at these depths, large areas of structure such as sunken trees, stump beds, underwater unused dams and bridges, large clusters of rocks or cement pilings, and submerged islands in this depth ranges. Many lure companies now make lures that suspend at certain depths to catch those fish that suspend. Working these lures into the depths the fish are targeting can allow an angler to stop his or her retrieve and the lure will just sit there in the target zone.

Another method is to use a “Bait Walker.” This item allows your bait to go straight to the bottom but you can tie a leader onto the device and, using a floating lure, you can suspend it at whatever depth you choose by changing the length of your leader. The Bait Walker will stay right on the bottom while your lure suspends above it. Change lure colors often until you find what the bass are looking for.

WorldFishingToday - 06-07-2012

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