These are the best trawl doors I've ever had!!!

The Injector Shark trawl door is invading the Canadian market. Vónin Canada has for the last couple of weeks delivered 8 sets of Injector Shark trawl doors. 7 of the these have been for the inshore trawlers with sizes ranging from 3,8m2 and up to 4m2. A set of 11m2 has also been delivered to one of the larger offshore vessels. Sales manager Jan Klein at Vónin Canada says that the demand for these doors is massive and the feedback is very positive.

Nelson Bussy, skipper on the Eastern Princess II, who has just returned from his first trip using the Shark doors, says: These are the best trawl doors I've ever had!!! Our new Shark doors are 4,0m2 - 1100kg and they are working extremely well, and especially in the strong currents on the Grand Bank. The doors kept the spread and contact with the seabed even when the bag was full and the currents strong, whereas other doors tend to fly in strong currents. We could keep on fishing when the others had to stop because of the strong currents. The doors are fishing very well and are very easy to handle. I believe these will not be the last set of Shark doors sold in Canada...

Last trip the Eastern Princess II was on Grand Bank were they caught 78000 pounds of Shrimp.

WorldFishingToday - 30-07-2011

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