A Pelagic Oasis in the North Atlantic

Vónin’s pelagic department is based in one of the busiest harbours in the Faroe Islands, the port of Fuglafjørður. When mentioning the pelagic fishery in the North Atlantic Ocean the location must be considered to be extremely central.

The first thing you see on starboard when entering the bay by ship is the heavy fuel bunker station. The second pier is home for Bergfrost’s BIP station with its huge coldstorage tunnels located in the mountainside behind it.

After this, you see the huge fish meal and fish feed factory Havsbrún, which has a production capacity of more than 1100 tonnes per day. Every year, large quantities of pelagic fish such as herring, mackerel, blue whiting, capelin and boar fish are discharged to Havsbrún. The vessels that discharge to Havsbrún come from all our surrounding countries, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Shetland, Ireland, Iceland and of course our local fleet.

Many other services such as hydraulics, electrics, divers, provisions, renovation, wasteoil etc. are available in the town of Fuglafjørður. Fuglafjørður is also just an hours’ drive away from Tórshavn and approximately 45 minutes from the pelagic fish processing plant in Kollafjørður, Faroe Pelagic.

Vónin’s net loft is located only a few feet from the quay side, making it possible for vessels to on- & offload their equipment directly into the trawl storage. The purse seine net loft is fitted with 8 power blocks for hauling the seines in and out.The trawl cellar has 2 power blocks and a big net drum for taking in the pelagic trawl for repair. Vónin is also equipped with large and modern lorrys to handle the extremely heavy and bulky gear that is being used nowadays. Our warehouse carries a full inventory of accessories that are essential on any fishing vessel.

Vónin offers a 24/7 standby service and you can always reach by calling tel. +298 474 200

Source: Vónin

WorldFishingToday - 09-09-2010

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