Revolutionary shrimp trawler is on its way to Norwegian fleet.

When you see the drawings of Havyard's new Shrimp trawler design 555, you are amazed by the new and different design.

A ”market oriented” vessel where fuel economy, safety of the crew, optimized fishing technology, efficient production and handling of the catch all are top priorities in the plans for this revolutionary shrimp trawler.

It is the company Remoey Havfiske with ship owner Olav Remoey who are planning to invest in the shrimp industry and the new trawler. The investment is welcomed, as it gives a hint of optimism in an industry that has been hit hard on the global market with low kilo prices caused by too many suppliers of coldwater shrimps.

According to the Norwegian newspaper Folkebladet.no the interrest for shrimp fishery was very low among the fishermen in Normay. This years quantity is expected to be around 10,000 tonnes, which is far less than the top years where 80,000 tonnes were caught.

The company Remoey's skipper, Olav Remoey names apperly stabilized shrimp prices and a reducing quotas in large shrimp exporting countries like Canada and Greenland as reasons for their optimism. And according the Norwegian newspaper he hopes the shrimp vessel will be a future-oriented design which can ensure strong sustainable and profitable harvesting of the amazing resources, the shrimp.

WorldFishingToday - 09-09-2010

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