One year with Norðborg

On Thursday June 10th, the Norðborg KG 689 berthed in Klaksvík for discharging her catch of frozen Herring which was caught east of Iceland.

Exactly one year ago, June 3rd 2009 Norðborg sailed out on her maiden trip. Since then they have done 19 journeys trying to get their share of the different pelagic species to feed her sophisticated high-tech fillet factory.

According to Jón Rasmussen, skipper and owner, they have not had any trouble to catch their quota with the trawl gear from Vónin: "We have only been using trawl gear from Vónin this first year and we are very pleased with the performance of the gear".

The quantities Norðborg has caught are:
Herring: 25.000 tonnes (10.000 tonnes fillets and 15.000 tonnes meal & oil)
Blue Whiting: 15.000 tonnes (50% J-cut & 50% round-frozen)
Mackerel: 4.000 tonnes (1.200 tonnes fresh & 2800 tonnes J-cut)
Capelin: 1.800 tonnes round frozen

The FOB value of Norðborg's catch on her first year in operation is approximately 150 million DKK.

Source: Vónin

WorldFishingToday - 09-09-2010

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