Wondering if your trawl is on bottom – notus has the answe

Notus Electronics Ltd. (Notus) of Canada has released a new Bottom Contact Sensor. This sensor provides vital information pertaining to if the trawl is on bottom. The sensor is essential for all trawl types and scientific surveys.

The Bottom Contact Sensor attaches to the combination wire just behind the footgear. An inclinometer is used to provide the angle of the sensor. Essentially, when the trawl is on bottom, the sensor is horizontal and provides an angle of about 90°. When the trawl comes off bottom, the sensor is oriented vertical and displays an angle of approximately 0°.

A number of sensors have already been delivered to the US and Europe with excellent results reported. The trawl can come off bottom for various reasons. For example, not enough trawl wire is used. Another cause could be fishing too fast into currents which can lift the trawl off bottom. Regardless of the reason, when a bottom trawl comes off bottom, fishing is greatly reduced.
This is an essential tool when pelagic trawling in that it can greatly reduce tear-ups by indicating if the trawl has touched bottom.
This Bottom Contact Sensor is also important for scientific studies as bottom contact information is essential for swept area calculations.

WorldFishingToday - 09-09-2010

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