New echo sounder from Koden Electronics

Koden Electronics Co,. Ltd. of Japan has introduced a new echo sounder.

The new model is the CVS-1410, which also has a high sensitivity model, the CVS-1410HS. The two versions gives the potential consumer the power to choose which is better suited to their target fish, fishing method and other factors. The dual frequency, 50/200 kHz, is available for both shallow and deeper waters. It has a 1 kW power output, which is equal (and better than some) other conventional echo sounders of 3 kW.

It has a 10.4inch Digital Colour LCD screen, with Koden's own Koden Digital Filtering (KDF) technology to provide an even clearer image. This suppresses clutter in the signal to noise ratio and updates the images faster. This also allows for better performance in shallow water. KDF will optimise detection of fish at depth, as the high frequency transducer technology allows for clearer images of fish close to the bottom.

This CVS-1410 uses both low and high frequency sound beams for optimal coverage. The Sona-Tone function gives different sounds so you can tell without looking whether you have encountered single fish or a school of fish. The range is 2,5 to 2000 meters, with 2,5 to 1100 fathoms.

The new model is not only affordable, it is also easy to use. The unit is designed for new users, as it is capable of automatically picking its own settings for several functions including Range, Shift and TVG. The unit also has a built in memory, capable of storing and recalling 10 images.

The unit is 33 centimeters high, 36.4cm wide and 17.5cm deep.

WorldFishingToday - 09-09-2010

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