Simrad SX90 sonar slims down and shapes up

Simrad trims the fat as the SX90’s two PCs become one, with no loss in performance

Already the market leading low frequency, high-definition, long range sonar, the Simrad SX90 has recently become an even stronger proposition to support professional fishing vessels in improving catch, thanks to an extensive hardware revision. The fundamental change to the new version of the Simrad SX90, which is available now, is that it uses a single PC that provides higher performance and functionality than the original dual PC solution that the system was initially offered as. This enhancement is made possible through recent advances in computer hardware.

"The ongoing development of the market leading Simrad SX90 sonar has once again resulted in improvements for the end-user," states Mads Dahl, Sales Director, Simrad.
"Thanks to improvements in computing power and speed, we are now able to increase the performance of the previous dual PCs with just a single PC. This offers a number of benefits to the user, including simpler installation, improved reliability and easier maintenance due to the reduced number of parts."
Installation of the new single PC Simrad SX90 is made even more straightforward as Simrad’s engineers have redesigned the system to negate the need for an interface unit, so all connections are made directly to the computer. Additionally, reliability is enhanced further with the inclusion of a new solid state hard-drive, which is more suited to the harsh marine environment than a standard unit.
The Simrad SX90 is a low frequency, high-definition, long range sonar and is the most powerful Simrad sonar ever released and therefore the most powerful professional fishing sonar on the market today. Though an excellent performer at shorter range, the Simrad SX90 sonar is specially designed for vessels where long range detection is important.

Simrad SX90 Fish finding sonar
The SX90 is a long range, low frequency fish finding sonar. It is specially designed for vessels where long range is criteria No.1.
360° omnidirectional sonar
90° vertical tip mode
20 to 30 KHz operational frequency
Narrow beams
Selectable beam width
Hyperbolic FM
Large dynamic range
High definition
Stabilized beams
Dual beam operation
Easy operation
Store and recall sonar data
Define your own user settings

WorldFishingToday - 09-09-2010

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