SIMRAD: Next generation sonar and echo sounder systems to be launched at World Fishing 2009

New professional fish finding solutions to improve catch efficiency

Simrad, one of the world's most recognised brands within professional fishing electronics will launch the new Simrad SH90 high frequency sonar and the new Simrad ES70 split beam echo sounder during the World Fishing exhibition in Vigo, Spain, 16th - 19th September 2009. Both the SH90 and ES70 build upon de facto industry standard systems, already used to improve catch efficiency aboard thousands of fishing vessels worldwide.

The high frequency SH90 is a complete redesign of the highly regarded SH80 and includes new transducer, transceiver and signal processor, as well as system signal processing software. It provides unrivalled resolution, making difficult targets such as mackerel, tuna and fish close to the bottom easier to detect than ever before. Sophisticated features of the SX90 include; linear FM transmission, horizontal and vertical views; 'Tip' (tilt able 180° fan shaped beam); 360° stabilization; dual mode (two sonars in one); recording and a simple, intuitive menu structure.

"In addition to improving on the popular SH80, the SH90 is based on the same platform as the SX90, which has sold over 140 units since its introduction in 2007, so we really have high expectations for it," says Mads Dahl, Sales & Marketing Director, Simrad. "This is backed-up by positive feedback from two Norwegian vessels that have been testing the SH90 during live fishing since the beginning of 2009 and we expect to publish further results of these trials and a new trial aboard a Spanish tuna vessel during World Fishing in Vigo."

With over 3500 vessels around the world fishing, surveying or navigating with a Simrad ES60, Simrad also has very high expectations for its next generation echo sounder, the ES70. It includes all the features of the ES60 and introduces a number of new and upgraded features, including; intuitive menu structure with multiple languages for quick and easy to understand operation; automatic features such as range dependant pulse length, seamless auto range and screen history memory buffer; bottom detector; bottom hardness calculator; zoom window for fish size and fish volume, and fish plot view.

"With the introduction of the ES70 echo sounder, Simrad strengthens its position as the market leader in high end echo sounders," says Dahl. "Many echo sounders on the market offer attractive feature sets but it is much harder to match the high performance that the ES70 provides. With consistent and trustworthy performance, like its predecessor, the ES70 is set to become a key tool for efficient and sustainable fishery."

Visit Simrad Spain on stand D64 at World Fishing in Vigo this September to find out more about the Simrad SH90 and Simrad ES70.

WorldFishingToday - 09-09-2010

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