Visitors landing at Iceland’s eastern ports

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Visiting trawlers have been making regular calls in Neskaupstaður and have accounted for landings of around 1700 tonnes of fish this summer.

Samherji trawlers Björgúlfur and Hjalteyrin, plus Útgerðarfélag Akureyringa trawler Kaldbakur have been fishing off the east coast of Iceland over the summer and it has been economic for them to land at east coast ports

Kaldbakur has made landings in Neskaupstaður and Seyðisfjörður, while Hjalteyrin and Björgúlfur have been landing their catches in Neskaupstaður.

Netter Anna has also been landing its catches of Greenland halibut in Neskaupstaður, with 1030 tonnes delivered in twelve landings and much of these landings has gone for processing at Síldarvinnslan’s factory there. In addition, a number of longliners that spend much of the year fishing from Neskaupstaður have added to the activity around the harbour this summer.

These landings by visiting vessels have much to say for the port, and Fjarðabyggðarhafnir port director Hákon Ásgrímsson said that these additional landings have increased, which is positive for the port authority.

‘We shouldn’t forget that these landings are important for companies in the region. I can mention companies providing stevedoring services and transport companies. Of course we welcome this additional activity at the port – this is very positive,’ he said.

Source: SVN

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