Trawler returns to Denmark from Ireland

Published by FiskerForum, 24-02-2017 · info@fiskerforum.dk

The Langer family in Thyborøn has sold its industrial trawler to a Swedish/German company, and is replacing it with an Irish pelagic vessel built in Denmark.

The Langer family’s Tina Jeanette L-920 has recently undergone a major refit at Karstensens in Skagen, with work carried out by Marine Shaft and 3XJ (Thyborøn Skibs- og Motor), and was already fitted out for fishing the species the boat’s new owners want to target; sandeel, sprat, Norway pout and herring.

As a replacement, Jens Peter Langer, Danny Lander and Jan Torp Nielsen have purchased Irish pelagic trawler Aine SO-734, which was built at Karstensens in 2003. It measures 48.60 metres and has an 11.20 metre beam, and Aine’s owners are due to take delivery of a new vessel from Karstensens later this year.

‘We have to get things set up on board boat as instead of having eleven crew members on board, we will be sailing with only four. It's no problem, it requires just means making a few changes on board,’ said Jens Peter Langer.

He commented that he is hopeful of some good years ahead for industrial fishing, despite the problems that the UK leaving the EU could present.

‘I would add that our fisheries minister and the EU must provide a quick and comprehensive agreement with the British, so we know where we stand’ he said.

Aine is due to be added soon to the Danish register of shipping and is expected to be ready for fishing sandeel in April, and then sprat and herring later in the year.

The sale of Tina Jeanette and its replacement was arranged by Atlantic Shipping in a complex international set of sales between Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland.

Source: Fiskerforum.dk

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