Three crewmen in custody

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Reykjavík police are continuing their investigation into the disappearance on Saturday of Birna Brjánsdóttir and three of the crew of a Greenlandic trawler that was docked in Hafnarfjörður at the time remain in custody.

Two of Polar Nanoq’s crew have been remanded in custody for fourteen days by a district court. The police had requested five weeks custody and the district court’s decision will be appealed to a higher court.

No decision appears to have yet been taken on custody of a third crewman.

Polar Nanoq has called frequently in Iceland for many years to discharge in Hafnarfjörður, and this time is reported to have called there to collect packaging and supplies before heading for fishing grounds to target Greenland halibut.

A car rented by some of Polar Nanoq’s crew while the ship was in port has been located and is undergoing forensic examination, while the missing woman’s boots were found not far from the dock in Hafnarfjörður and the last signal from her phone came through a nearby mast.

According to a statement made by Polar Seafood, a fourth crewman has been arrested in connection with a quantity of drugs found on board when the ship was searched.

The company’s fleet manager stated that the ship will remain in Hafnarfjörður while the investigation continues and Polar Seafood will make every effort to assist the Icelandic authorities in resolving the case. The company is also making efforts to keep the crew’s relatives informed and to provide counselling for the crew with the assistance of the Red Cross in Iceland.

The situation is being followed closely in Greenland and the Faroe Islands, as Polar Nanoq sails with a Greenlandic and Faroese crew.

Source: Lögreglan and others

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