Naust Marine Spain delivers its first winches

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The first deliveries of winches to fishing vessels by Naust Marine Spain is now taking place. Icelandic deck equipment manufacturer Naust Marine last year set up a Spanish arm, located in Vigo, to produce a range of electric trawl and other winches.

‘We are proud to announce that the first winches manufactured at Naust Marine – Spain, were delivered this week,’ the company’s Helgi Kristjánsson said.

‘Since last year, Naust Marine have been working hard on establishing production in Vigo.It’s an important milestone for the Naust Marine team to have production now in full swing, with a number of winches in production and ready to be shipped in the coming weeks.’

These first production winches from Naust Marine Spain include a net sounder winch for factory trawler Admiral Shabalin which will be installed in Las Palmas by Kekur Overseas Solutions SLU. Admiral Shabalin net sounder winch has capacity for 3200 metres of 11mm cable.

A set of new 52-tonne trawl winches powered by 294kW electric motors and capable of holding 3000 metres of 32mm warp are being delivered for Icelandic factory trawler Blængur, complete with electrical spooling gear supplied by Naust Marine.

Also on the way are a set of cargo lift winches for Belize-registered Navigator.

‘Naust Marine has an impressive reference of vessels that have our ATW system on board, as well as electrical winches designed and manufactured by Naust Marine. A growing number of operators are becoming aware of the advantages of electrical systems over hydraulic winches, and our aim is to hold on to our position as the number one supplier of electrical winches,’ Helgi Kristjánsson said.

Source: Naust Marine

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