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The Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation’s 39th annual meeting is taking place this week in Montreal, with representatives of the twelve contracting parties discussing conservation and enforcement measures for the region.

This is the first meeting to take place under the revised NAFO convention and the focus is on setting TACs for fish stocks.

‘The EU will seek solutions based on the best available scientific advice, aiming to ensure sustainability for the stocks and predictability for the industry's future,’ stated a European Union spokesman.

Among the key issues are new multi-annual management rules for Greenland halibut, and paving the way for a new management rule for cod in the Flemish Cap.

‘The EU will continue supporting the protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems  (VMEs) and will strive to ensure that NAFO's VMEs protection policy is based on the best available scientific evidence and clear decision-making.  To this end, the EU has, for example, contributed to the NEREIDA seabed mapping project, aiming at improving knowledge about the sea bottom,’ the EU stated.

Regarding control and enforcement, the EU will continue to promote compliance of the EU fleet with NAFO rules, both at sea and in port, as well as measures that increase the efficiency of NAFO’s control and inspection systems. The EU will continue leading the efforts to end wasteful discarding practice. A further key issue, will be the launching of a new Performance Review exercise for the organisation.

The contracting nations are Canada, Cuba, Denmark (in respect of the Faroe Island and Greenland), the European Union, France (in respect of St Pierre et Miquelon), Iceland, Japan, Norway, the Republic of Korea, Russia, Ukraine and the USA

Source: EU

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