MMG brings Loppa H&G machine to DanFish

Published by FiskerForum, 28-09-2017 · info@fiskerforum.dk

Member companies of the Norwegian co-operation cluster Måløy Maritime Group (MMG) are preparing for DanFish in Aalborg where they will be showcasing an innovative gutting machine designed for smaller vessels.

As well as meeting many existing MMG customers and talking to new clients, the MMG will be proudly introducing its most recent addition to the group -- the small but highly innovative Havfront, who have made headlines recently with their specialised heading and gutting machine suitable for vessels of all sizes -- a technology leap which has been widely welcomed by inshore fishermen and those working on smaller craft.

Traditionally on board gutting machines have been, due to their size, not a realistic option for smaller craft but the new patented Loppa machine from Havfront, with dimensions of one metre in height, one metre long and just 40cm wide, can easily be installed on any size of vessel, but the manufacturers have managed to retain the rapid functionality of a much bigger machine in that the Loppa (manufactured by Optimar) can head and gut an impressive 20 fish (in sizes from 2 to 10kg) per minute.

Established just four years ago, Havfront have enjoyed much success with the Loppa machine in Norway where it has already been working on two large vessels (over 50m) and two boats of around 15 metres. Working in conjunction with the MMG group, the team behind the Loppa are confident of new business in Iceland, the UK and Ireland.

MMG will be offering the services of their extensive member companies which cover every aspect of the commercial fishing sector, from vessel design and building, commercial fishing equipment, electronics and communications and gear, right down to the basic but vital services and provision of supplies and oil bunkering.

To see Havfront´s Loppa machine and to learn more about the MMG and its 18 member companies, visit Stand D785

Source: MMG

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