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Published by FiskerForum, 31-10-2018 · info@fiskerforum.dk

30-year old skipper Martin Jørgensen is now in charge on the virtually completely rebuilt Martine L-649, following its major refit at the Karstensens Skibsværft yard in Skagen.

Lengthened by 5.50 metres to a new overall length of 35.50 metres with a beam of 8.50 metre, this combined fly-shooter/trawler is now capable of working longer trips with a great deal more flexibility. It has capacity for 2400 boxes in the fishroom, with new ice machines and chillers, making Martine’s fishing operations more efficient than before.

The Karstensens yard and a host of local sub-contractors have extended the stern section to make space for a new four-bladed 3400mm diameter Hundested VP12 propeller with a CPGD280 gear with a reduction of 8.4:1 and three PTOs, powered by a new ABC 6DZC 6D main engine delivered by Kynde & Toft in Thyborøn. The new bow thruster is also from Hundested.

Martine has been fitted with a new deck equipment layout, with three 20-tonne trawl winches controlled by a Scantrol iSYM management system for both fly-shooting and multi-rig trawling. The hydraulic package is new, and this includes four 40-tonne split net drums, additional deck winches and two mooring winches.

Unilke the pre-refit Martine, which could fish with either trawl or seine, the new vessel can switch more easily between the two, and is able to fly-shoot during daylight hours and switch to trawling at night, which makes better use of the opportunities available.

The deck layout has also been significantly improved, with much better facilities for handling gear on deck. The new layout means that a spare trawl can be shot right away when the gear is damaged, so there is minimal interruption to fishing if repairs need to be carried out on deck.

Wheelhouse electronics have been overhauled, which includes the installation by SeaMech of a new Scanmar Scanbas 365 system, with a WDR-42 receiver, Sensor Configuration Unit, two H4 hydrophones, four QBC-X1 chargers, two door sensors with pitch/roll indication, a lump sensor, two catch sensors and two flow sensors with trawl speed and trawl symmetry.

Fishing gear has been supplied by Egersund Group’s Thyboroøn net loft, with two 530 mesh balloon trawl, two 516 mesh plaice trawls and one 1475 mesh combi seine net.

The doors and roller clump are from Thyborøn Trawldoor.

Source: FiskerForum

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