Major refit for Aaltje Postma

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Thyborøn trawler/seine netter Aaltje Postma has been delivered to its owners following a major refit at the Karstensens yard in Skagen which included adding six metres to its length.

Aaltje Postma was taken to Karstensens in December last year where the hull was cut in two and much of the upper deck cleared. The yard had already fabricated the six metre extension section that was slotted into the middle section, and Karstensens acted as the man contractor for the refit that involved a number of suppliers from around Jutland once the trawler/seiner was back in the water in February this year. Painting company Topcoat blasted metallised and painted the hull before Aaltje Postma went back in the water, and also gave everything above the waterline to return it to its usual blue and white colours.

No major changes had been made to Aaltje Postma since it had been delivered new in 2000 by Barkmeijer Stroobos in Holland, and an overhaul to bring it up to date was overdue, not least with the need to extend carrying capacity. Aaltje Postma’s fishroom can hold 1900 boxes now that the overall length has been extended to 37 metres.

Down below on the catch handling deck VCU has supplied a complete new setup that takes catches through the sorting, gutting and double washing process to the fishroom. The VCU system is designed to optimise quality by ensuring that handling is correct. Boxes are weighed and labelled, with the scale information transmitted to the boat’s wheelhouse computer.

Nordkøl has refurbished Aaltje Postma’s compressors and icemaker, and fitted a new fishroom chiller system and a new icemaker, while TSR Electronic has handled the wheelhouse electronics, adding new CCTV and intercom systems as well as a new Furuno sounder.

As well as the extension to the overall length that has boosted carrying capacity, Aaltje Postma has also had its wheelhouse lifted and shifted four metres back. This has allowed a raised section to be fitted forward providing space for expanded accommodation for the crew, who now are able to have individual cabins.

The higher wheelhouse provides a better view over the working deck aft, and Thyborøn company Kinde & Toft have overhauled Aaltje Postma’s deck equipment, with new hydraulics and three new heavy-duty hydraulic pumps. The overhaul also includes a pair of new flyshooting winches located behind the wheelhouse, making use the greater space now available.

Skipper and owner Tamme Bolt said that Aaltje Postma has emerged from its refit as an ‘almost new vessel’ and that Karstensens and the other contractors involved in the refit have all done everything that was asked of them to bring Aaltje Postma up to standard.

Fishing gear is from Thyborøn supplier Nordsø Trawl, which has supplied both Aaltje Postma’s flatfish trawls and seine nets for targeting plaice. Tamme Bolt is starting with twin-rig trawl gear for plaice and mixed fish, before expecting to switch to flyshooting later in the year for more roundfish.

Source: FiskerForum.dk

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