Le Drezen builds on Pacific breakthrough

Published by FiskerForum, 16-06-2017 · info@fiskerforum.dk

US fishing company Trimarine has confirmed its confidence in French fishing gear supplier Le Drezen by placing an order for a second tuna purse seine.

Last year the French company had its first US order with a purse seine for Trimarine’s Cape Ann. Trimarine operates a fleet of fifteen purse seiners, and now Le Drezen is also equipping Cape Ferrat.

According to Max Dufour at Le Drezen, the French-made gear is more robust than any other on the market, with a 50% lower likelihood of the serious damage that can keep a tune purse seiner tied up and losing US$20-30,000 per day.

‘That’s enough to make most shipowners think twice about the quality of the nets they buy. Above all, it’s about the quality of our nets and the work of our technical and R&D teams. That’s what enables us to make our seines more reliable and gives us our competitive edge in the market,’ he said.

‘Our approach approach aims to give an 80% reduction in downtime, those days when fishing boats cannot operate because of torn and poor quality seines. Every shipowner wants to boost the number of fishing days in each year, to improve operational performance by reducing hidden operating costs. Our expertise lies in knowing how to improve the reliability and quality of our products and passing on those advantages to our clients.’

Source: Le Drezen

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