Iceland’s strike into second month

Published by FiskerForum, 23-01-2017 · info@fiskerforum.dk

The seamen’s strike that has kept the Icelandic fleet tied up since last year shows no signs of being resolved soon and the strike is now into an unprecedented second month after seamen’s unions voted down the terms of the last negotiated agreements.

According to Icelandic fisheries newspaper Fiskifréttir, agreement has been reached on three of five issues, but the remaining bones of contention, expenses and tax breaks.

Currently shares are calculated on 70% of catch values and 30% goes directly to the operator to cover fuel and other expenses. Unions are pushing for this percentage to be shifted to a 73/27% split.

The issue of seamen’s tax incentives have been a sore point for many years. This had been in place since 1957 and was abolished in 2009 and according to unions, the seamen’s demands have to be directed at vessel operators if they are not able to get attention from other organisations. To make up for this loss, operators would have to contribute ISK2000 per day to make up for it.

Negotiations are set to continue today.

Source: Fiskifréttir

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